IronWerx BETA is a library built for Kontakt 6 Sampler, as well a sample pack of 115 uniquely musical, deliciously percussive rusted iron sounds.

Recorded at the Geit Cabin Studio in rural Canada, IronWerx is the rusted barrel, the broken hammer and the worn out scythe.

IronWerx is a unique & organic blend of railroad, farmyard and time. It is a homage to those who came before.

IronWerx Development

Samples were recorded over two days at the Geit Cabin Studio in rural Canada by three percussionists. 

The minimalist layout of the library is meant to inspire creativity with the raw and organic nature of the multi-velocity samples. Sounds are laid out in a minimal degree of cohesion to fill the full MIDI range of Kontakt 6. No effects or knobs, just the raw samples there for you to explore.

All but a few of the iron pieces sampled for this production were found along an old stone fence on the farm where the Geit Cabin Studio is situated. Most are legacy pieces of mechanical implements and tools from the farm and adjacent railroad, finding a new voice in your music and creations. 

Each iron piece was recorded with a wide range of combinations of strikers and muffing, and best effort was made to have a range of high & low register, resonant & flat sample sounds. We have included our favourite selection of these at multiple velocities, as well as a few single-velocity “one-off” sounds generated through the sampling process.

This is our first effort in plugin creation and we look forward to your feedback and appreciate your support. We’ll invest resources gathered through the sale of IRONWERX BETA towards continuing further down the iron road, and hopefully other sample packs and plugin creations in future.

We ask that any music or foley you create please send us a link and tag #ironwerx to help to spread the word about this creation! We’ll be sharing our own creations with IronWerx as they continue to emerge 🙂

Sample Tracks

These tracks were recorded with the IronWerx BETA library of sounds:


Dancing Globules of Rusted Light

by Yamobe & Colibricoleur | IronWerx BETA Demos

Brake Drummer

by Yamobe | IronWerx BETA Demos

Pois Chic & sa Chère Ferreuse

by Colibricoleur | IronWerx BETA Demos


by Colibricoleur | IronWerx BETA Demos

Hopeful Deep Choir

by Grant Baldwin | IronWerx BETA Demos

The Price of Art

by Colibricoleur ft. Katelin Coleman (Bassoon) | IronWerx BETA Demos

The Conflagrated Pendulum

by Colibricoleur | IronWerx BETA Demos


Yan Morelli-Bernard (@yan_morelli_bernard) – Engineer & Percussionist 

Martin Moreira (@moreiramartin1) – Percussionist & Photographer

Fanny Rheaume (@fanny.rheaume) – Percussionist & Dancer

Stephen Fuller (@colibricoleur) – Producer, Videographer & Sound Sculptor